Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Say . . .

My name is Eddie Record and I have used the dental services of Doctors Meson and Azoulay since 2002. Just for the record (no pun intended), I have received no favors or financial gain for the following testimony:

Even though the doctors wear masks, don’t be frightened – they don’t carry guns! The only packin’ I’ve ever seen is gauze. Seriously, they answer all your questions in language you can understand, and they outline all your options, fees and procedures in detail up front.

Doctors Meson and Azoulay are intent on helping you with the best dental health care possible while using the most modern, proven dental technology. And I have found that their fees are competitive with other dental offices.

In my opinion, they are truly the Rolls Royce of dental practices in the area!

Eddie Record Highland, MD