Dental Restorations

We want you to feel confident about your smile! Our mission is to make you feel and look great by providing you with dental solutions that are healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

We can restore your smile to a more natural look by replacing old broken down metal fillings or missing teeth with composite or ceramic restorations, which look natural and wear more like natural enamel. Many of the latest generation materials we use for fillings, crowns and bridges are as strong – or even stronger – than old-fashioned metal restorations. 

When it comes to replacing teeth, you have options, as well. If you are missing one or more teeth as a result of injury or periodontal disease, a dental implant might be your solution for a permanent replacement. Unlike bridges, implants are independent from the surrounding teeth. They’re also stronger than natural teeth and generally last for many years.

In other cases, a denture or partial may be your preferred option. These prosthetics are specifically designed to resemble your natural teeth and will do so when properly and comfortably fitted. New generation materials such as Valplast are so light and flexible, you’ll barely feel them filling out your smile.